Welcome to the Drawing Requests Wikia

This wikia was founded and created by Plankton5165 on August 21, 2016. Anyone who would love to create drawing requests for people to draw characters and do exceptionally well at it, and/or take drawing requests and draw which characters are requested, has come to the very right place.

Fanon character requests are especially allowed!

You don't even have to draw the character yourself! All you would have to do is describe the character's appearance.

However, if you wish to draw the character yourself, or already have drawn the character, that's fine.

Admins will give scores between 0 and 100, based on how well the drawer did on the requested drawing.

To become an admin, you must have:

  • An account
  • At least 600 cumulative edits on all other wikias
  • At least 400 cumulative edits on ThePlankton5165's wikias
  • At least 1,600 cumulative achievement points on all other wikias
  • At least 600 cumulative achievement points on ThePlankton5165's wikias
  • Been active on another wiki for at least a month
  • User must have a positive support score from all active administrators from at least one of ThePlankton5165's wikias (not counting the wikias where he's just admin, not founder)

Here is how the positive support score works:

  • 8 - Extremely Strong Support
  • 6 - Very Strong Support
  • 4 - Strong Support
  • 2 - Support
  • 1 - Weak Support
  • 0 - Neutral
  • -1 - Weak Oppose
  • -2 - Oppose
  • -4 - Strong Oppose
  • -6 - Very Strong Oppose
  • -8 - Extremely Strong Oppose

You might automatically and instantly become admin without meeting those requirements.

ThePlankton5165 has triple the voting power.

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